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What future for European Robotics?

Panel: Assessing the social impact of AI and robotics

Chair: Emilia Gómez, Joint Research Centre, European Commission

AI systems and robots are more and more present into our lives.  Aiming to promote the uptake of AI while at the same time, addressing the risks associated with its use, the European Commission proposed in 2020 a White Paper with policy and regulatory options “towards an ecosystem for excellence and trust”, inviting citizens and stakeholders to provide their views. 

This panel addresses the impact of AI and robotics and the related technical, ethical, legal, social and economic challenges. We will discuss on the strategies needed to build trust in AI & robotics, such as the identification of high-risk applications, the design of methodologies to ensure that AI systems and robots are transparent, traceable and under human control, the design of AI and robotics to support fundamental rights (e.g., fighting discrimination and promoting equality), and the mechanisms to prepare citizens for a robot-filled future society. 

Panel Discussion